Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Pegwell again

Life is better today. I am recovering from another trip to Pegwell Bay More bacon rolls. The kiosk there are to blame if the rolls were not so nice I wouldnt keep going back.Well yesterday we went over and took two friends and as it  was such a nice day after eating we got the scooter out and went for a walk. It was the first time I had ventured  the  foot paths over there and I must say Kent Wildlife Trust do a good job of managing the area. The path was great for the scooter and we had a really enjoyable couple of hours. I never saw any seals but I have been told you can see them from there. And I never saw any notable birds whilst there but did have a nice view of a Sparrow Hawk hovering on the fringes of Westwood.
I have put a picture of someone on a disability scooter on a similar terrain to Pegwell because I want to say getting the scooter has been the best thing I ever did. I used to be so self conscious I stopped going out of the house. Not only was I missing out other people were missing out on my company, So anyone who is considering getting a scooter dont  hang around buy one. They are fantastic.


  1. Good to see you are getting about Don, what about taking the camera and putting up some pictures, or do you think that I put enough up for everyone?

    Your horrible word recognition doesn’t seem to like me, this is my third attempt at commenting.

  2. I will take it off in a few days after the spamming has stopped. Its been nice to get out. My wife is the official photographer for the blog I shake too much now.

  3. ECR says he was handbagged at dawn with word verification on Don, see its gone now.

    Perhaps you could get a camera mount attached to the scooter, that way the shaking wouldn’t matter at all and you would have the advantage of a very steady camera so you could do some telephoto shots using the timer.

  4. I have got a couple of tripods I did consider using one so I could continue using the camera. Hopefully this currant episode will calm down and I can feel a bit better. On the subject of pictures I love scrolling through your pictures as I have said before its like me taking a walk without leaving the computer please dont stop doing it I really enjoy your strolls

  5. Don if I stopped putting them up the flack would be enormous, I was talking to a well-known film director I know the other day, who I won’t name and shame, enough to say he codirected with Lindsay Anderson.

    I asked him what he used as a method of quickly consigning the worst shots to the cutting room floor, his answer was, don’t do that Michael I follow you on your walks and find the pictures particularly soothing when I am filming in hot countries.

    Asfar as the tripod goes I am sure you would be better off attaching the swivel head of a tripod to your scooter.

    Did you mean current as currant seems a bit unusual in the context unless the you symptoms have taken unusual twist?

  6. I have got a lot worse in recent times I haven't even managed church since mid October but since the weather has turned and the sun has shone I feel a bit better.

  7. Horrible disease Don, as you know I was disabled during my childhood and went to a boarding school for the severely disabled, so I suppose I am always on the look out for practical solutions for overcoming the limitations whatever they are.


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