Friday, 16 April 2010

Excited Don

I checked my blog this morning and found I had go a comment . Yippee says me I always like comments. Click and then Disappointed Don. The comment was in Chinese and was a link to a Porn site. Oh well at least someone knows I am here even if they want to peddle porn. I spent most of yesterday promoting St.Georges Garage, Ross owes me big time. I tried using Google Maps. Big mistake I moved the cursor and when it stopped the marker point was in Antarctica. Something so simple as sticking a  cyber pin in a cyber map turned into me against the machine. It was war! All I wanted was to list St.Georges as now servicing Seat cars and Skoda as well as Vokswagen Audi and Mercedes Benz but  that cyber map had very different ideas. Margate is a large place but when Google suggested zooming out and trying again I did. Mistake number two. I was now in France. I know Ross services and sells Renault  and Citroen cars but to list him as being in France wasn't going to earn me my bacon sandwich, so war part two.
 A Truce was called at 3.00pm. Barny popped in to see me to talk about his Kent.all-in-one-place site he stayed till about 5.30 and hostilities  resumed. I finally got list St.Georges Garage  as a Skoda and Seat service centre at about 7.00pm six hours after starting. Ross did ask me to add Audi and VAG group and Mercedes as well as Botany Bay Kiosk.All that for two bacon sandwiches I must be the cheapest man in Margate.


  1. Here's a comment for free Don, and it's not Chinese porn!

    Did you see the Botany Bay kiosk was mentioned in Country Life this week? There's a link on my blog under 'News Nibbles'.

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  3. Cheers Richard Ross will be delighted

  4. Hmmmm....bacon sandwiches? Sounds like a good deal to me, wink, wink, nudge, nudge. Though I think for all that effort he should give you at least a year's supply.

    As for the Chinese porn site Don, I have had similar comments. I go to Google Translate and found one Chinese comment was a very nice one about the post I had put up, but the next one translated into the porn site.

    Spam was a bit of a problem for me this morning. Someone had posted the same spam in 20 of my posts. If it goes on I might go to moderating or at least word recognition. I get the occasional spam but if this person hangs around too long I'm going to have to rethink things.


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