Saturday, 24 April 2010

Cliftonville by sunlight

Margate and Thanet as a location is a great place to go for a walk. Yesterday we went to Botany Bay and Parked near to the The Fayreness Hotel  
I got on my scooter and was in Hot pursuit of my grandson and his football. I can still play football I use the scooter to guide the ball. We set off towards Cliftonville with the promise of an Ice cream at Palm Bay Cafe. All around Thanet is the Viking Coastal Trail  
a route to walk or cycle  or in my case scooter. Strange how I still say I am going for a walk. Well we walked past slope at the end of Botany Road and then took some pictures of the sign that thankfully has not been tagged by idiots with spray cans. I bet their Mothers are so pleased with them. Such a great use of all that
Schooling. I  continued on past the golf place (I am of the Golf spoils a good walk brigade) and past Palm Bay School and along to Palm Bay Cafe where we were greeted by loads of people with the same idea

we found a space on the road side and our grandson played football beside the Tennis Courts. We had to collect a prescription from the Bethesda Medical Centre and  on the way back I looked down to where they launch the Jet ski's at Jet Ski World the cafe there was also busy ever though the tide was out

and more Jet ski's arriving as we headed back to the car. So there you go a brief few words on my disabled afternoon in Cliftonville on the maritime heritage trail


  1. Good to see you out and about again Don, I am still hoping that you will get that camera mount fitted on your scooter and spam us with loads of pictures.

    I’m stuck at work on the first day of the year that really is warm enough for the beach, still can’t complain as with the help of my colleague who works here on Saturdays have finished two more local history book publications, taking the total to 133.

  2. You promote Thanet like I promote Brockport! Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Im glad you got out and enjoyed this great weather Don, and i also think that Thanet council should employ you to head the tourism department you do a great job selling Thanet.
    Hope you enjoy the rest of this weather.

  4. You do a great job of presenting that pace. Good for you for getting out and about with your grandson, too.

  5. You are looking good on that scooter, Don! Aren't they wonderful inventions for getting around when you need one? Enjoy that great looking weather!

  6. Good that the path is accessible - our local scenic trail used to be but because it was abused by motorcycles the squeeze stile near us has been replaced with a kissing gate and it is impossible to get a wheelchair through.


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