Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Botany Bay this weekend?

With the weather set fine for this weekend we may see some beach weather. Ross at the kiosk in Botany Bay will be ready. This year is off to a slow start with Easter being so early but now the weather is set to hot up and people not daring to fly off to visit Johnny Foreigner for fear of never getting back to blighty, I can see a good season heading our way. Thanet is never going back to the charabanc years of the 60's & 70's but I can see a good season ahead. The new businesses that are sprouting up like Caitlins  Beach Cruisers and the cafe's on the harbour arm like BeBeached and others on the Harbour Arm aree all waiting for the Turner Contemporary  
open its doors. I for one wish everyone a really great season


  1. Thanks for the mention Don and if we get time for a break may cycle round to Botany Bay to say "hello" to Ross.

  2. He would love to see you at the moment he is only open weekends. I was going to email you about a mate of mine who has a tandem to sell ?


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