Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Audi Skoda & Seat service in Cliftonville

A non food post for a change. Well not quite . But first I have to inform you all that St.Georges now  have full diagnostics for Audi, Skoda and Seat in fact the full Audi Volkswagen VAG group, as well as the Mercedes stuff . Ross found Botany Bay was too windy yesterday and headed back to St.Georges and phoned me to tell me the good news and ask could I sort out the google bits again. I love a challenge and  we settled on a coffee and tea plus two bacon or sausage sandwiches as a payment for the job. I know I am cheap but he has to push me up and down the steps to the kiosk. So to sum this up He gets me to list him on google maps I get fed and Skoda, Seat, Mercedes and Audi cars get serviced. OOPS forgot Volkswagens as well. Luverly Juberly Sorted.

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