Wednesday, 3 March 2010


Twitter is full of surprises. I just got a follower, a Dr. Reinhard Goy who's  twitter name is expertenservice.Now whats so strange about that you may be thinking. Well I looked on his bio and it appears Dr. Goy is a PLAN B COACH ! Now I have had a full and interesting life made much fuller and richer by inventing my own plan b's call me old fashioned but where is the fun in having a person working out all the mistakes/problems/irritations in life, the ones we could all do without. I dont think anyone woke up this morning saying plan A wont work lets just go to plan B. I am going to set up a company and its name will be 'YOUR IDEA STINKS BUT I HAVE A BETTER ONE' do you like the title? I am just going to phone the  Labour and the Conservatives BBC and all those who have grand ideas and sell them a plan B wish me luck I may be giving Dr. Goy a ring later.


  1. I absolutely love your plan B Don :)

  2. Thank you Denise I thought it had a certain ring to it

  3. Plan B:)~ Thanks for stopping over Don at my shadow shot!~


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