Sunday, 14 March 2010

Pop up shops

I spend most of my days either watching the birds in the garden or sitting in front of the computer. Somehow yesterday I found I am not even sure how I stumbled upon them, but find them I did. Well how is that worth blogging about I can hear you asking! here goes let me run this by you. Thanet and Margate in particular has the countries highest rate of empty shops doesnt it. YES DON. Well here is an organisation bringing projects together with empty spaces so the empty derelict looking shops have shot term occupation and people have a reason to go and visit the area, lets face it Margate high street is deserted most of the time and Michael is say much the same about King street in Ramsgate. Even empty shop windows get a make over like the one on  Marine Drive with the painting of the Fighting Temeraire. I just read of a shop front with a big picture of a deli on it "JUST FOR WINDOW SHOPPERS" The mayor of London Backs the scheme we have got a mayor havent we? Still enough from me I am ofski to watch the F1 action on the BBC.wHICH OF THE PHOTOS LOOK BETTER check out other margate photos on flickr  
UPDATE  Seems I am slow off the mark Lynn Jackson just contacted me via twitter to add some more content. We have a hope wealth of talent here on our doorstep lets make use of their expertise and talents plus ideas from further afield. I am off for now but think about how Thanet can benefit from this scheme. 


  1. Hi Don, good to see you find they are sponsoring the We Make Margate empty shops initiative taking place on Margate Harbour Arm on the 30th April link If anyone would like to know more just look there or email there are paces on Facebook 'emptyshops network' and 'emptyshops initiative' and a twitter page for all those who have twitter 'artistsandmakers' with a direct link to Dan Thompson the emptyshops Guru. Good searching

  2. I will have a look see later after the race

  3. There are a lot of boarded up shops round here too.

  4. Gerald, yes it is not only the disease of Seaside towns but all high streets, have you got an empty shops campaign running yet? if not go to or give me a message at and I will pass on the info. We all need to work on this together


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