Monday, 22 March 2010

Grandson gets school place

Our daughter has had a stressful day waiting to hear where her son was going to get for his school place. He has been lucky and got the school of his parents choice, but many children or their parents have been disappointed. I am delighted for our  grandson and his Mum and Dad . I have included a picture of a sheep that caused a controversy at a school recently, I understand parents objected to the sheep becoming  chops, being an ex butcher slaughter man I wonder where they think meat originates ? 


  1. Stressful times for your family, Don. Glad the outcome was good for grand-daughter and her parents! As far as meat is concerned, it comes in a pack from Tesco's, does it not?

  2. Thanks Bertie it has been stressful. Meat comes from Tesco same as all other household items. The supermarkets have lions share and the independents pick up the scraps.

  3. I'm happy for your daughter and for you all, as I know the worry of schooling. We are meat eaters but have watched one of our nieces become a vegan over the last few years. She is the only one in our family. I remember the days of the independent butcher, sadly overtaken by the much larger supermarkets. I miss the mom and pop stores too. There was nothing like that feeling of friendliness and they always made you feel kind of special.


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