Thursday, 4 March 2010

Disappointed Don

Disappointed you bet I thought yesterday was Thursday, I even started to list my entry for Skywatch. So when I woke up this morning guess  what? yep I thought it was Friday. Not content with loosing one day I had to go for a matching pair. Still you wait till tomorrow when I will wake up on my weekend and you will all be at work.


  1. I've had those days myself Don. Actually, I've had those weeks ;)

  2. I am going for the week now I cant seem to figure out whens what and whens not

  3. I know how you feel Don i have those days....quite regular infact or i end up thinking the school holidays are closer than they really are now that does disapoint me :-(

  4. Shalom Don. Thanks for your comment about hope etc.; it was quite moving.
    What's on the calendar for June?

    This post is funny.
    Sometimes I have to check the computer to make sure what day it is. ha
    The Tolkien calendar looks fascinating.

  5. LOL! I had a week like that, too. I totally forgot a meeting that I was suppose to go to because I didn't realize what day it was...duh. When you are retired, all days seem alike :-)Calendars only help if we actually look at them.


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