Wednesday, 3 February 2010

St. Georges Garage new pictures

Just had a phone call from Ross at St. Georges garage Cliftonville. He wanted to know if I could see the new picture he had loaded of the workshop and the new mechanic or as they are now titled technician. Well I did a facebook search and a google search both under garage and used cars and drew a blank. Finally I put the phone down and  used both fingers to type and managed to find it. Two picture one of a mechanic / technician looking up from a Mercedes boot and the other looking up from a Volkswagen Beetle. Why didnt it work one handed ? why indeed I think its because we drive a Peugeot and they specialise in Mercedes and Volkswagen but Ross assures me they service any make of car, so all I can put it down to is my left handed spelling with one finger not being to hot.

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