Sunday, 14 February 2010

Margate's revival

Just Read on Qing Arts twitter site they are getting new neighbours in Hawley Street Have a look at  Qings website for great gift or home ideas.Just goes to show Margate may have the most empty shops in the country but we are a nation of shopkeepers and even the possibility of a double dip recession and the looming probability of a change in government cant stop people. Thats great news for those already in business in Margate old town. The Turner Centre as its known around these parts cant be too far from completion its even got a roof now. And all the new businesses around the Old town Margate has the look and feel  of revival. Margate  harbour arm Ltd. have sites available to lease, Jofi and Bebeached are already established so anyone thinking of becoming a shopkeeper Margate is open for business.  Websites on the harbour arm

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