Sunday, 14 February 2010

Magate and the recession

I know we got a slating by the Sun this week because of the amount of empty shops but Margate is a land of opportunity. I have just been on the MARGATE HARBOUR ARM website click here  and seen some of the stuff going on down there. I was drawn to the site by a new blogger CAITLINS BEACH CRUISERS Who is starting a new business on the harbour. There are other units available down there contact Margate Harbour Arm Ltd on 01843 260260.for details. With the opening of the Tate Margate Contemporary getting ever closer I cant help but feel excited, I know I am in a minority but my glass is always half full and I want to go on record as saying a heartfelt good luck to all who want to come to Margate and try their luck. I love Thanet and want others to experience the beauties of the place .


  1. There may be a few more visitors this summer to boost local trade, look out for an announcement on monday regarding Flybe at KIA.

  2. Don
    We (Caitlins Beach Cruisers)can not wait to start trading which should be around the end of March,
    and hopefully if others bring new businesses to Margate things will start to pick up for Margate and Thanet in general.
    Mitch,Sharon and Caitlin

  3. We want you to start and hopefully bring others to the area. I love Thanet, Margate is great. Having lived here for nearly 30 years its home and is like a big old sloppy jumper, the kind you know its got a few holes and has stretched but you are comfortable in. I wish you every success for Caitlins Beach Cruisers may we all have a good season.


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