Monday, 15 February 2010

Those of you who read this stuff will know I have been adding a few sites to my mate Barny's site Well this is by way of an update and to let you know how he is doing. I have known Barny since the late 1960's when I met him at a church youth club and in all that time he has been a fantastic mate, the kind you can call at 2 in the morning and who will drive half way across the country to rescue you (yep he has and still would). Well six month ago he wanted to start a site that would generate a small income from google ads and he started which was aimed at adding your favourite site of interest anywhere in the UK. I wont say it was a mistake but the whole of the UK. was a bit ambitious so next came aimed at a smaller area and with classified ads. It has been a slow Journey but it is picking up speed. Google pay him when a visitor to has site clicks on one of the adverts on his pages, now its not a lot of money 5 pence up to about a pound and they wont pay if you have got a mate clicking  repeatedly (they aint daft).
So hows he doing  you might well be asking. Well its been around six months and in that time he has moved and different things but there is light at the end of the tunnel. It took four months to get his first payment google only pay when you reach sixty pounds and they then check your clicks are all OK. This month he has already got over sixty pounds so things are getting better and he has generated a lot of interest by offering other areas as a franchise and of course the page has frachise google ads so chances are even if people dont like his idea they will be drawn to other ads. Its not been easy but its one way of making the internet pay

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