Thursday, 14 January 2010

Feed the Birds

any one see snow watch last night? if you never see it the main message was FEED THE BIRDS they need good food now help them survive winter. All birds suffer in winter but the current hard weather makes it even harder in a local pet food shop wild bird food is about 50p per pound so get out there and help em it wont cost a fortune and the local shops need the trade Margate pet food shop 

Other details on the  RSPB WEBSITE


  1. Don,
    I bought one of those large bags from Wilkinsons and scattered it around in Ellington Park on the way to work under treees and bushes. When I checked the area this morning it had all gone.

  2. Well done that man every little helps at this time of year. My missus has put up another feeder this afternoon thats four feeders and a bird table. I get so much pleasure from watching them its worth every penny.

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  4. I often feed the seagulls, and they are strange creatures. You give one some food and then he makes a loud squaking noise that attracts the others. He then attacks the others he has attracted because they try and pinch his food. Strange behaviour, I would have thought he had learnt to keep his beak shut by now.

    15 January 2010 20:44

  5. I love watching the seagulls fight over scraps and they are ingenious at getting food out bins and bags.

  6. They make such a drama it is very entertaining at time


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