Thursday, 8 October 2009

Nigel Slater's Simple suppers

I have been a fan of the BBC's show Nigel Slater's Simple suppers since it started,he is good value and talks sense not like a lot of TV foodies. He grows good in his back garden which harks back to the fifties and sixties. Far from being old fashioned growing your own or having an allotment is getting to be trendy even Saint Pauls in Northdown road Have got their own allotment as the piccies show weeds grow faster than humans can keep up with removing them. Nigel Slater is a fan of the BBC's dig in campaign and I would love to see primary children taught to grow things in school and then go home and their mums or dads cook simple suppers like the ones on the TV.BBC NIGEL SLATERS SIMPLE SUPPERS TDC unlike most councils have allotment splaces give em a ring or CLICK HERE FOR TDC ALLOTMENT PAGE

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