Thursday, 3 September 2009

Skywatch Friday in Cliftonville Margate

Autumn is here on the North Coast of Thanet, here are a few piccies of the sky this afternoon as we fed the seagulls and checked the boats.16 In total moored in what is called the Margate Roads. The boats there have to wait for a Pilot to help them navigate the notorious channel between Thanets North Foreland click here to see previous post and the Port of London We also saw some Jetski's even one was lauched by a Land Rover reversing into the water but by the time the camera came back out we missed it .Enjoy my Skywatch offering of a bit of sky and some other bits from Margate on the bottom tip of England all of the images were taken from outside the Jet Ski Cafe which is down the slope by the Bethesda Medical Centre Palm Bay Avenue
CT9 3NR member


  1. Beautiful blue skies, and delicate clouds. Nicely done.

  2. I love the one with the gulls flying in front of the clouds! Lovely depth. Great shots!

  3. These are wonderful, Don! Looks like a great day to be near the water. The bird shots are beautiful.

  4. Love the view of the limestone cliffs. Birds and clouds go so well together.

  5. A wonderful post Don, beautiful sky photos, lovely seagulls, all of them just great. Hope you've got some much needed sleep by now and that the rain has stopped.


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