Thursday, 3 September 2009

Golf courses and eye candy caddies.

I had to laugh at the BBC report I just watched about female golf caddies being banned by some courses. I for one wouldn't want to work for the small amount of men who treat women as servants and who are unable to say please or thank you and treat female catering staff like skivvies rather than fellow human beings. The ones who's wives lives must be hell and it seems the more expensive the course the worse their manners. I had the misfortune to caddy at Belmont 30 years ago when the going rate was a pound a round, at the end of one round my chap gave me five bob ....... I gave it back to him and said in a loud voice "here sir you obviously need it more than me " to which his fellow golfers fell about in hysterics. To which he gave me my pound and the five bob. I never caddied for him again and when I prospective golfer turned up I would greet them with CADDY SIR A POUND A ROUND saved any embarrassment. All images from the website member

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