Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Bank Holiday Weekend

Well the last Bank Holiday has come and gone. Botany Bay and Joss bay had loads of visitors and with the sun I expect a few people went home like lobsters. I went over to Pegwell bay Nature reserve click here for website we took two single burner cookers and had a picnic. Our Grandson who is just over three had a fantastic time riding on grandads lap on my or should I say our scooter. He told me he is going to get me some new legs and stick them on with sellotape so I can walk like him LOL.Well the weather was grand and we could have been anywhere but as it was we were less than five miles from home. I will post some piccies later of a snails hiding place dozens hoidden behind a sign on one of the walks and also I tried and failed to show some pointy snails loads of them that at first looked like little roots on plantsanyone know what they are called ? forgot to mention the dogwalkers rest cafe as mentioned by Yvonne on her blog a few weeks ago

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