Wednesday, 22 July 2009

The NHS are marvelous

Hi folks I am back and blogging again! I have had a short stay in the Kent and Canterbury Hospitals Neuro Rehab unit and I thought they deserve a big THANK YOU. Our health service comes in for a lot of stick but all said and done its free and it is in my mind the best in the world. I suffer with Multiple Sclerosis and went in to try and make me move a bit better , whilst I am not going to run any marathons I can say I am not using the wheelchair quiet as much. So to those who have missed me thats the reason I have not been blogging and to those who wish I was still there TOUGH

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  1. Welcome back Don, Yvonne mentioned it and so you did get the odd thought, prayer or something, (used to think I knew the difference but a few years as a contemplative religious left me unable to dissect mysticism from undeserved gift) from this quarter.

    Good to see you blogging again anyway carpae dieum.


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