Monday, 8 June 2009

Yvonne and her website

Yvonnes website A couple of years ago as I wandered the world wide web I discovered Yvonne and her work on the Minster website. Yvonne and her near daily tales of her walks and discoveries were an instant hit with me and over the last few months Minster Parish council have been saying they want to close the website and Yvonne and her work will disappear. Well I got to thinking in my own slow way what about an Yvonne blog! So if anyone who reads this also thinks a blog for Yvonne and her poetry would be a good idea sign her guest book on her link page


  1. Don if she wants I am happy to host it on for nothing.

  2. Michael I am seeing her tomorrow cheers

  3. Arghhhhh ... I had to click away really quickly before the full horror of Yvonne's website hit me .... I'm hoping you cannot be serious in presenting this site as in some way having any credibility? Jeez,no wonder Thanet is despised. Is this is a joke? I have links on my website tagged "Worst websites" "Worst of Web 1.0" which aren't even as BAD as this.

    You really need to subdue her html frenzy and perhaps show her what people expect to see on the web today. It's so awful I don't know whether to laugh or cry. I'm quite sure you won't publish my comment, in order to "spare her feelings", but bear in mind by doing so you are just ensuring that 70% (and I am SO erring in your favour with this estimate) of users coming across this mess would unhesitatingly click their back button without further ado. However, I will be adding it to my "worst of the web" tag cloud.

    What is it with you people in Thanet ?

  4. Perhaps you can post a link to your website Beverley Ann so that we can compare the two...

    I agree it's not the most pleasing of websites to the eye (looks like the kind of thing people were doing on GeoCities in the 90s), but I think the actual content more than makes up for it.

  5. Beverley Ann as Peter said can we see your site to see how itn should be done . Did you read any of the content ?


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