Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Something to Crow about

Those of you who read this stuff may remember me saying Seagulls drove off a pair of Crows from a neigbours tree, well they never went far, just the next tree along. This morning I was alerted by loads of noise and a dog barking to the fact the crows were seeing off a pair of Magpies.Having done so they mocked next door but ones dog first from the roof and then a wire a bit lower until the dog went mad gave up his lost cause and disappeard in doors.


  1. Birds can get so territorial during the mating season. I've got a pair of house wrens trying to chase off everyone else and a whole pack of House Sparrows. Tennis..Murray got beat unfortuately. Soderling and Gonzalaz have moved into the semifinals. The other half haven't played their quarterfinals yet. I'm pulling for Federer!

  2. Birds have so much attitude! ;)


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