Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Birds made homeless you can help

Some piccies from a recent trip to Farming World at Faversham

I have just been watching house swop on tellie as I had my toast and one of the homes had a nest box that was home to an owl and I thought how marvelous if everyone made space for a bird box. Birds are having a rough time of late with people having plastic facias etc and I thought maybe we could help. The RSPB have a homes for wildlife website Have a quick look and see what you could do to help.


  1. I go through your blog..... Thanks for bringing us these wonderful pictures.....

  2. Such a good topic to raise! Pop over to my blog to see the latest nest update for the mourning doves. Have a great day Don and missus!

  3. Oh, they are beautiful. I will follow through.

  4. Amazing shots! I am intrigued by the expression of the bird in the first picture. Thanks for stopping by MonasteryDailyPhoto.


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