Friday, 1 May 2009

They have arrived

I wrote a couple of weeks back about our church allotment at Dane Valley and the BBC scheme to get people growing their own.Well the BBC were giving away packs of free seeds to get you started, well about an hour ago the silence was broken by something hitting the door mat MY FREE SEEDS. Carrots lettuce squash and a couple of other packs that I cant remember and I am not going back downstairs to check what they are. There are still allotments available from Thanet Council


  1. Happy growing! Will keep checking back to see how you're doing with these. Interesting that there are plots available on allotment sites - here there are waiting lists of up to 7 years. I hope you've got yours.

  2. Don: Sounds like you have some good eats comig and soon.

  3. Wonderful! What a nice program. I am doing my own little garden again this year, and am late planting my hot-season seeds. I'll get them in if it ever stops raining long enough! :)

    Thank you for stopping by my blog!

  4. That is such a lovely programme. May your seedlings turn into spectacular veggies Don. I shall watch this space :)

  5. What a nice idea! Enjoy your free seeds and let us know how they grow.


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