Saturday, 30 May 2009

Seal trips from Thanet

Wildlife Sailings - Seal Trips 2009

* Sat. 30 May, 9am
* Sun. 31 May, 10am - fully booked!
* Sat. 27 June, 8am
* Sun. 28 June, 9am
* Sun. 26 July, 7.45am
* Mon. 27 July, 8.30am
* Tue. 28 July, 9.15am
* Wed. 29 July, 10am
* Tue. 25 August, 8am
* Wed. 26 August, 8.30am

Join the superb open yacht ‘Wildlife’ on an excursion from Minnis Bay, Birchington to view the local seals in their natural habitat and visit an offshore sandbank. (£22.50/person, 4-5 hrs)

Minnis Bay Wildlife Sailings - Book online here

Other tours services are
and they opperate from Ramsgate Harbour

All Stour Seal Encounters

Sat 23rd 11.00, Sun 24th 12.00, Tues 26th 13.30, Wed 27th 14.00, Thurs 28th 15.00, Fri 29th 16.00, Sat 30th 15.30, Sun 31st 16.30

Goodwin Sands Sunday 31st 12.00

Saturday 6th June

Stour Seal Encounter 11.30

Sunday 7th June

Stour Seal Encounter 12.30

Saturday 13th June

Stour Seal Encounter 16.00

Sunday 14th June

Stour Seal Encounter 16.30

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