Friday, 22 May 2009

Good Beach guide results out

Botany bay Good beach report:-

Botany Bay

MCS recommended:

Nearest town: Broadstairs, Kent

A sandy and rocky bay with rock pools to explore and what is considered safe bathing.

Water quality: MCS recommended

Lifeguarded: Yes

Nearest sewage outflow: Combined Sewer Overflow

Beach type: Sand

Beach length:

Good Beach Guide 'because clean seas mean great beaches'

The Good Beach Guide is compiled by the Marine Conservation Society (MCS) as part of our campaign for clean seas and beaches.

Remember, if you value clean seas and beaches, pick an MCS recommended beach for the best water quality.

Look for the Sandcastle symbol for MCS recommended beaches Beaches recommended by MCS for excellent water quality


  1. Don,

    One thing I noticed about Botany Bay over the years that it is Braodstairs when it passes and Cliftonville when it fails.

  2. LOL I am sure it is purely coincedental Tony

  3. Don: I do like those rocks along the shoreline.

  4. Good for your beach! Some of our Scottish beaches have just failed :-(


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