Tuesday, 14 April 2009

You can fly away to the Med from Manston

KIA Manston gets flights to Med underway. your thanet news report. My Missus just got back from taking our daughter shopping at Tesco's and met two friends who are flying to Malta from Manston and I come online and read about the Malta service. I must be the only person who didnt know about it even Smeggers aint been moaning about it I hope our friends have a good time and all the best to KIA hope the attract passengers away from Gatwick and Heathrow. Lets get behind Kent International Airport and put Thanets airport first so it succeeds


  1. I think you'll find i posted about this in January, and yesterday.

    Arpil 14th, first passenger flight out of a couple of dozen, total FOR A YEAR.

    Waste of space, move on please

  2. sorry smegger I dont read your post


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