Friday, 3 April 2009

Kids break up

Super timing The Beach Kiosk opens for the new season tomorrow and we are due sea mist and possible showers.still they were stocking up today and left a box of lollies out to defrost and thats before they have taken a penny yet. So if you want a Tea and a bacon sarnie get down those steps and remind Ross about the helicopter covering his paint work. Our daughter wont be down there yet as the baby is only two weeks old on tuesday. So Sand castles and fun on the beach for the Easter break.


  1. even though it was not the best of days loads of people on the beach and Ross took a few bob not much on ice cream though

  2. Goodness, that cup of tea and sausage sarnie sounds good, and here's me, having a sleepless night and hours from breakfast :)

  3. Okay, so here's me thinking of food when I just read the last of your post and saw your daughter had a baby two weeks ago? Congratulations on the new baby, that's wonderful!


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