Wednesday, 29 April 2009

is it a bird is it a plane yep and its over Cliftonville

Yep it was spotted at around 11.00 am and it was such an unusual sight everyone stoped and pointed it out to children and said how nice it was to see a plane over Margate and how fortunate the people of Ramsgate are to see them on a more regular basis. Well the last bit may be true I didn't actually hear anybody say it but they were astonished to see a plane and did point it out to a little girl who had been crying but stopped and raised her arms up trying to catch the thing .....I have never understood kids. but far from terrify her she was delighted to see it. I expect to see more planes over Margate as the airport gets busier but for the minute we will envy Ramsgate and have to make do with the odd one that we do get to keep the kids amused


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  2. Don, as deranged as ever.

    I take it you would support the airport being re-aligned so it pointed at your area then?

  3. Can you do that ? Gasps he would do that for little ol me ......hmmmmmm he loves me ,OH SHUCKS HE REALY LOVES ME


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