Tuesday, 7 April 2009

I have got me laptop back

Yep I can blog till my hearts content without having to cut myself off from the missus me laptop is back from the doctors, it was proper poorly the hinges had packed up and it had become a floptop.But Rob at RAMCS came to the rescue He is a real good guy collect and return and free first visit for senior citizens give him a call and say Don gave him your number it gets me brownie points if I need him again so here are his contact details from his website you can contact us by e mail via ram@ramcs.co.uk or by 'phone: 07903 868123 or 07999 725319.


  1. Glad you can blog away with out missing your misses lol My comps in the front room so I don't feel to far away from everyone when i'm working on here lol I am hoping to find a second hand laptop once saved some pennies as know that once baby comes I'll want to be resting when I can and not sat up at the desk lol

    I will keep your comp man in mind for the future so thanks for that! :0) Hows your daughter and baby? Hope they are well!

  2. yep my main pc is upstairs so the laptop is great it keeps me in touch twice LOL Rob does secondhand ones and he is a Christian if any church members have old pc stuff he will sell it for them and donate money to church etc

  3. Glad you have your laptop back. They can be very handy! Blessings for Easter and I bet your church has a lot of wonderful services around this time. I like your header photo. Hope you get some photos of those parakeets you mentioned when they come around.


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