Sunday, 8 March 2009

Thanet green shoots

jUST CHECKED MY new email account I set up for all your photos of SOLD SIGNS and not one. I have had one reply from Michael about scaffold but I dont want to put that on the post about spot the sold boards. I just cant believe that with interest rates at an all time low people are not investing in property as a buy to let I hilighted a three bed flat in Arlington house for £55.000 No doubt someone out there will work out what that would cost and the yield on it as opposed to leaving your cash in an Icelandic bank. come on is the e-mail address for the picies


  1. Don I think the problem here is they are most likely to be £50,000 in a couple of months time.

  2. well, I expect they really want £50.000 and are expecting a dip on that so people with fifty grand could be earning more by renting the flat than in Northern Rock even renting at £400 a month thats near on 10% return the price of these flats seems to have re-adjusted where as some houses still have a bit to go if they want to sell.

  3. You're right, now is the time to buy ... if you have the money, or if banks will lend to you. But you need a long term vision.


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