Friday, 27 March 2009

Thanet council in top 50 in country

I am not surprised that Thanet council has been placed in the Top 50 I cut this piece from the councils website A new report from the Audit Commission shows that Thanet District Council is in the top 50 out of almost 400 in the country for the improvements it has made to its services.

The Annual Audit and Inspection Letter ranks the council as 43rd out of 388 authorities for the number of performance indicators that improved between 2006/07 and 2007/08. The report states: “The council continued to focus on improving outcomes for local communities, linked to its ambitions. Crime has fallen and more people feel safe walking after dark. Streets are cleaner, recycling has increased and public satisfaction is improving.”
What I do find surprising is the lack of Blog coverage on the subject. Click on the above link to read full report.


  1. I am not surprised no one has commented on this cos everyone seems to hate the council even though they do a great job most of the time but hey its easier to knock down than build up

  2. Don,
    I did refer to it on my blog, but. only negative comments resulted, just goes to show that mostly only those with a tub to thump are monitoring the blogs

  3. Smeg and the anti everything brigade still I will continue to post good news even if its only me and you that read it Ken


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