Monday, 23 March 2009

Has Cliftonville improved

Below I blogged about the sucsess of Cliftonville Primary school here I am blogging about iresponsible news reporting "A SCHOOL in the seventh most deprived area in Kent has been awarded a "good" grade by schools’ inspectors" Headline from THIS IS KENT .CO.UK well were they surprised did the think that Cliftonville kids deserve schools that aren't good? What was the need to lable the area as deprived TDC and others have put a lot of time effort and money into Cliftonville West only to have someone from probably nowhere near Thanet try and tarnish the efforts of Cliftonville Primary. What was it was he suprised did he think they didn't warrent a good report. No I'll tell you why he put it in to try and sensationalize a story. Cliftonville is a great place and I want to tell the world how good it is but all the time people such as this reporter keep slapping us down we might get to believe it. But good news dont sell papers Bad news is what people want.

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