Friday, 6 March 2009

Ebays not always best

Since I discovered Blogging I have discovered pictures as well so we bought another camera off ebay and I wanted a window mount so I can take a few picies from the car well ebay seemed an obvious choice then I remembered Amazon shops sell secondhand stuff as well. I got the clamp of a tenner well £9.99 plus postage couldnt get near that on ebay kept on getting out bid and when the Amazon one turns up its brand new in its display packet,I dont want to take it out and disturb it cos it looks so good. So now I will be taking some of the piccies expect the quality of shot to as always with good service I am promoting safegaurdvalue coss they have been terrific


  1. Great buy! Looking forward to the shots you'll take with it's help.

  2. It's always a nice feeling to get a good deal on-line. Well done. Looking forward to seeing more Thanet pics.

    Are you a users BTW?

  3. No I have tried flickr but never enjoyed the experience so gave it up same with picasa I got it on my desktop never use it


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