Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Day trip to Minnis Bay

As I sit here its hard to imagine how nice it was on Saturday the sun was shining and it wasnt raining! Some may find that hard to believe but as a rule in Thanet we have a miro climate and when the rest of Kent is having bad weather we are basking in Sunshine. That is no consolation today cos its pouringz down everywhere Thanet included. But we managed a short trip over to Birchington and on to Minnis Bay. Here are a few piccies

this one shows the towers at Reculver if you open it to full size you can make out the shape of the roof and a window not bad seeingit is about five miles away . I believe they practiced the famous bouncing bombs there in WW2

IN THIS PICCIE YOU CAN SEE IT WAS QUIET BUSY. Loads of people about and some hardy souls even had their beach hut open. The Minnis Bay Pub was shut due to a fire in the Kitchen so maybe that addedn to the people walking around.

Loads of cars and people about

I used to fish in this corner for Bass
this is a view of rhe bays back towards Margate When I worked in Birchington Icould have named them all but "pretty costal view " will do for today.

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