Monday, 9 March 2009

Could Manston become Londons fourth airport

Some one can see the benefits here is a quote I have taken from Air Cargo News The airport’s expansion has the backing of Shadow Minister David Freud who has said of the plan: “I am appalled at how bad we are in this country about building infrastructure. My solution to Heathrow is to build a rail link to Manston. It’s so obvious. It is stunning that we have an airport like that, with one of the longest runways in the country, yet someone decided not to link it to a railway line three miles away.

“It would do more for the growth of Kent than any other project and would solve the problem of London’s fourth airport at a stroke.”
I know there are inviromental issues but Manston is an asset and it is great to read someone at least recognises its potential.


  1. I have no doubt about Manston's potential for the SE - I do have doubts however about TDC's ability to ensure it becomes an asset for Thanet and not a liability.

  2. Don, no it couldn't. City? Luton? Londons 6th Airport? Maybe.

  3. Smeg see I told you air travel is popular

  4. Rail links are good. I endorse this project (for what it's worth!).

  5. Hi Robert are you aware that this is in top of our aquifer and the main runway has no fuel interceptor, in the case of fuel spillage there, what doesn’t go into our drinking water discharges into an internationally acclaimed wetland.


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