Monday, 23 March 2009

Cliftonville Primary School gets good report

Cliftonville Primary school has just got a very good Ofsted report Mr Buckley Head Teacher said: "Now we have good ratings across all of our departments.

"I think the ethics of the school is strong and it is a very caring school where everyone gets on with each other.

"We strongly support the kids here and ensure all of them are well cared for including the most vulnerable.

"I’m proud of my staff and the kids have worked hard. We have a lot of fun too as I’m a great supporter of Charlton Athletic and we even run trips up to The Valley"

I am writing this article to say well done to Mr Buckley and 650 pupils and 75 staff. I am a great believer in giving children the best possible start in life and bet that class size has a lot to do with teaching quality. Cliftonville Primary have managed to get class sizes down to 22 pupils, they have Breakfast Club - (before school) Homework Clubs and manage to fit in all manor of other activities and still get good results so a big well done


  1. Thanks for this report! It's great to get here something positive about the local schools as they often get put down in Thanet!

  2. and its near me yippppeeeeeeeeeee I wanna go to school

  3. My children all went to Cliftonville Primary School and all have great memories of their time there.

    The school is very well run, non elitist and has a 'village school' feel to it.

    Well done to all the staff and pupils, present and past.


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