Thursday, 19 February 2009

skywatch over Ramsgate

We had a ride out to Ramsgate last weekend and I wanted to show you the different skys over the harbour looking out towards Deal it was dark and forboading.The harbout itself was packed with visitors and we had to park on the harbour arm to get a shot of the boats and you can glimpse the people enjoying whe weekend. On the way home I got the wife to stop and catch a swirling cloud as what I assume was thermals whipping it up in a quiff like an old Teddy boy so we had sunshine dark clouds fun on the harbour and nostalgia on the way home ........hope you enjoy


  1. Great skywatch shots, looks like a great location.

    Have a great weekend!
    Regina In Pictures

  2. You really have a nice set of skywatch photos.

    I thought I would try SkyWatch again. Not sure how far I will get before I tire out but will give it a try.

    My Skywatch Post

  3. your best post yet, more similar ideas please

  4. Every one of these photos shows the flightpath into manston. Planes fly under 1,000 feet over this beautiful view. It would be such a shame if airport supporters such as you and peter got your dream and saw manston get the passenger and freight numbers it wishes for.

    I hope the followers of your blog realise that g

  5. love those wispy clouds. awesome.

  6. These are such interesting photos of a beautiful place. Wish I could come there and paint the scene.

  7. These are great....a nice variety in that sky. Glad you posted these.


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