Thursday, 5 February 2009

I am exhausted

Before Christmas the physiotherapy department at Westbrook Day Hospital contacted me asking if I would like to join a MS group meet once a week for eight weeks. Well today was the first group first off we had a chat filled in a couple of questionnaire pages and then spent an hour doing some light exercises. Now I try and keep myself fit but when you have the facilities you realise just how much you cant do.So after I got home I had some lunch and fell straight to sleep. The NHS have come in for some stick and I am here to say they do some marvelous stuff and when ever I have used the services I have found it to be excellant. Today was hardwork but in the long run worth it.


  1. Have missed your posts lately. Now I find out you're into group torture! Take care.

  2. LOL have been slightly under par and things have slipped how you keeping ?

  3. Well it's nice to hear the positive side of the NHS Don. People need to hear that too don't they?


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