Friday, 9 January 2009

Sky watch friday

Well another week has passed and I still havent been out so I have posted some images my mate Brian has sent me . Brian was my best man 30 years ago so we go back a long way. He was working this week and as usual he takes his camera along so he can send me pictures of the beautifull scenery.These are no exeption and I thought I would post on swf so you could see why we have been having minus 9 tepuratures not a cloud in site. The pheasnt he has christened Bonner which is an in Joke from when we was kids.


  1. We had snow up here at the start of the week but now it has disappeared but left fog - could be a cold one tonight though - hope not too bad.

  2. It does look cold where you are! I hope you feel better and get out soon. Will pray for you. Nice photos and nice of him to send them for you! Friends are great!


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