Sunday, 4 January 2009

Not much has changed

We went out for a ride round yesterday, first time since before Christmas. I was disappointed not much has changed. The Turner site has a nice black hording round the site so when they get back to work we wont be able to see much of what is being done. I did see a big painting on a shop front along the Parade never noticed that before I would have taken a picture but with cars parked in front it sort of took the edge off of it . I did take some pictures of the boats lying at anchor off Margate and counted 24. I love to go up and count the boats and have a theory that you can always count at least 10. We have a photo taken 30 odd years of me and the soon to be wife walking off a Christmas day dinner and guess how many boats are in the picture .......yep 10 so it's a long standing thing. When we got home I connected up the camera and yep your right it wouldnt work. Evidently when you pull the USB lead out from under the hoover it doesnt like being yanked. One of the problems of being disabled is retaining self independance not having to ask others to help with simple tasks. Broken usd camera leads are just one casualty of my independant spirit . So photos to follow, now I am off to search ebay for a new lead.


  1. Hello Don, I hope you get that new lead soon. Enjoyed catching up on your posts. Happy New Year!

  2. Don, the most ships ever counted off Margate was one night over 35 years ago during a South Westerely gale , the count was 98.
    Sometimes there may be a ship achored away from the other ships and is very well lite up at night. It is even lite up during the day. The cargo is petroleum gas and if that was to blow we would all know about it.

  3. Tony I would have loved to see that many. My highest is 36. We try and go down every day my health permitting to count how many there is . I never new why that one always had lights on but now I am pleased it does.

  4. Bummer....must be very difficult for you to do things that the rest of us take for granted. Hope you get the new cable and get connected again. I leave the camera cable connected to the computer all the time and just plug the camera up when I need to download. Hope to see some boat photos in the future. Would love to see more photos of the area where you live when you get connected again. Keep in mind that friends don't mind helping friends...let someone have the blessing of helping you a little when you need it :-) You are still very independent.


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