Thursday, 11 December 2008


Feeling a bit better I am drinking a single Malt which probabley the reason but I am here and blogging. Just been on JC ROOKS website dont ask how I got there and I have seen they are selling Water Buffalo. Now before I get emails from animal rights people you are barking at the wrong tree I am an ex butcher slaughterman if people want to eat meat let them and go save the red squirell. What I am getting to here is in the advert they say it is a lean alternative to beef. ALTERNATIVE can anyone explain this to me how can beef be an alternative to beef. Am I missing something here is the Malt fuddleing me brain ?????? I am sure its leaner but its from the same specices IT IS BEEF.

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  1. Gee Don, I hope you'll be feeling better soon.
    So where's the beef? :) We had water buffalo meat once in Arkansas. It was good.


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