Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Poorly Don

Not been feeling too good today. Went to bed at lunch time and slept through both of my grandchildren and two of our friends armed with their own grandchildren plus assorted other offspring . Evidently we had a housefull and I managed to snore blissfully through all the ensuing mayhem. The tree has gone up the decorations are in place, some that failed to work have gone to the councils big hole filling scheme and I have managed to pretty much sail through it unscathed.But now with my wife in bed exhausted I am wide awake so I am catching up on a bit of blogging. I was supposed to go out tonight to the Ignite evening at church but didn't make it no point if you are not the full ticket. Right thats me for the day I am off to see what else has happened in cyberspace normal service to be resumed no time soon.

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  1. Hope you'll be feeling better tomorrow. Good-night from Canada.


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