Thursday, 4 December 2008

Margate Shell Ladies

I have just learnt we have got a nine foot tall bronze Shell Lady on the end of the harbour arm here are a few pictures of the ones that visited Margate in the summer. They cause quiet a stir so a 9 foot Bronze statue will be great .I cant wait to go and see her


  1. How amazing! These are fantastic looking! YOu should link this to Skywatch for has lovely sky in the back of the first photo and you would allow many more people to see these!

  2. Don: You have made a nice capture to go along with your skies.

    Please link back to the Sky Watch site so people can check the other skies on display. We alsohave badges you can use.
    FG/ Sky Watch Team

  3. Hi Asku,

    We had to remove your link from the skywatch site, because you didn't follow any of the rules. Please be so kind to read them before you post.
    Thank you.
    Your Skywatch Team

  4. It took me a while to figure out how large/small they are. They're so interesting and look beautiful against the sky.

  5. Hello, found you through SkyWatch hopping and saw your comment on one of the entries. Lovely photos, so interesting. I hope you join us at SkyWatch next time too.

  6. Don, don't give up on just need to add their logo to your post or your blog, and label the post as Skywatch. If you put a pernmanant link on your sidebar, you won't have to add it each time. Look at some of the others and you will see what is needed.


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