Monday, 29 December 2008

Heartless or not

I am not sure what to make of what I read in newspapers in Saturdays Sun there was an article about being homeless in Oxford. It read along the lines of turn up homeless in Oxford and we will give you a one way train ticket anywhere so your not here. Now I appreciate if you live in Oxford there are benefits to this scheme not least financial ones. But and it is a big but is this not just sweeping the problem under the carpet? Now a short while ago the world was aghast at Robert Mugabe and his slum clearance (I detest Mugabe so I will get back to Oxfords repatriation scheme or I could go on for hours about the wrongs of Mugabe's dictatorship).Now those of you who follow my blog will know that I am a Christian and as such the Church I attend endeavour to help people down on their luck. We provide food parcels hot drinks and when we have funds available help people from homelessness into a flat of their own.But our Small efforts are overshadowed by the experts. Next door to the church is the head office of the Scrine foundation who are experts in the needs of the homeless. I am not knocking what Oxford does all I will say is I think it heartless. I am glad we have the Scrine and while I am on I will mention Saint Paul's community centre and Thanet open Christmas. Each day over Christmas the centre feeds those who would be on their own and that includes the homeless, it is manned each day by volunteers from different churches. Now I am not sure what goes on in Oxford and I don't really care if the Sun was using its journalistic licence to fill a couple of columns, what I do care about is Thanet and I can recommend it as a great place to be. I can recommend it as a holiday resort. I can recommend it as a place to live and bring up children. I can even recommend it as a place to be if you are down on your luck and find yourself homeless. Because the people of Thanet care, and will try and help not just send you on your way.It is one of the reasons why I am glad I live here and not OXFORD

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