Friday, 19 December 2008

Anyone missed me?

I been propper poorly I went to bed Sunday night and just got up now!!!!!!!!!
I wish I could say I had missed all of you but I felt so bad I didn't. I am sad at missing Stella's funeral but when I get an infection it messes with my MS and I go rigid so I have spent the week in bed on antibiotics. I love antibiotics and I love coffee so I am signing off in search of them bye folks XX Don


  1. I missed you! I checked for new entries twice this week. Glad to hear you feel well enough to update everyone.


  2. I hope you're on the mend now Don! Sounds like you've had a rough week.

  3. feel even better today hope everone else is keeping ok. Love. Don

  4. Hello, saw you were feeling poorly. Sorry I am just catching up on that news but I do hope you are over that infection by now. Sending a get-well hug from me in Northern Virginia.


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