Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Working Lunch on BBC2

Just watched Declan Curry on the BBC's Working Lunch and found out this week is the National Enterprise Week. So what was the low down on the show? If you are considering starting your own bussiness evidently its easier during a down turn. Strange as it may seem people who wouldnt normaly consider trading with you are looking at new ways or outlets for their products. People with skills you may need are suddenly available to you they have time to spend with you and nurture you as a customer. And staff are available to you ! Hmm maybe this recession lark aint all doom and gloom . Historicly more new bussineses have been launched in times of ecomomic slowdown ......Strange. But when you think about it people are more savvy with what they spend on when they have less to spend. So if you are considering going it alone maybe now is the time to do it . GOOD LUCK

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