Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Turner Contemporary works start

Well todays the day Thanets fortunes are about to change for the better. What am I on about yes you guessed it Turner Contemporary . Work is due to start today . I am just of out but we will stop and see whats going on down there on the way. I for one want to see it built I was in favour of Westwood cross I want to see China Gateway succeed and and am in favour of Thanet Earth. We need change and they all signify the future and not the past I am not saying I agree with some facets of the way things have been done but in principle change is the way forward and Dreamland is just that a dream. No way can we become what is gone I can remember hundreds of coaches and queues into Thanet but that was 30 years ago . Theme Parks are as big as Margate now Disneyland Paris is almost as big as thanet and Disney Land in Florida is as big as some city's. Dreamland is gone the future is in front of us lets embrace it . y


  1. Change is always the way forward but it shouldn't be at the expense of past history. Everything on the heritage side is now on it's knees because of the Turner Center. I am not totaly against the Turner Center just the cost, there seems to be a bottomless pit of money for art. Yet, something like the Tudor House which is genuine history is suffering from neglect TDC do not seem interested.

  2. Yep I agree with you I am an ex antique dealer and love old things what gets me is all those that are against change because its different. If everthing stayed the same we would be driving cars behind a man with a red flag or still living 10 to a house. I would love to see some of our magnificent architecture promoted we have some fantastic Georgian terraces which are an equal to anything Bath has but we hide them. The reason for this blog is to promote all that is good in Thanet old and New


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