Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Sunny day

As I sit here typing this my wife and Co are getting ready to go shopping Tesco is the intended target, I am glad to be staying at home. Having a disability excuses me from such adventures, I detest being pushed round in my wheel chair, but the dislike is a two edged sword let me explain. I suffer from MS to get around I use crutches for short distances like house to car but any further I need to go in the wheelchair which as I have already said I detest. I like it to a certain extent but I don't like the thought of someone else having to push me around. can you see a theme here yep I like it but I don't, hmmmmmmmm.
Let me go a bit further some years ago 2 or 3 the MS society wrote an article in their magazine about mobility and explained there are lots of people like me who cut themselves off from family activities just like I have just done. They looked at both sides of the argument one from the wheelchair user and I knew all about that and two from the family & friends side. I had untill that point never thought about anyone elses views ! The article raised a point I had never cosidered I was denying others from my company. If any of you know me that aint a bad thing according to most. but no I joke but it is a relevant point my selfishness takes pleasure of company away from others and makes me insular. So what I am getting at is this GET OUT THERE make a nuisance of yourself dont deny others and most of all dont deny yourself. Anyhow the suns gone in and it looks like rain so I am glad I didnt go and I wouldnt have wanted coffee at Westwood anyway.

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