Friday, 21 November 2008

Sunny Day in Margate

As I sit here looking out the front window all looks calm and serene, two minutes ago I was looking out of the back window and the tree at the back of the house was waving about in the wind like a wild Banshee. I love days like this its cold enough to keep most people at home and only the hardy are out and about! I have always loved Margate in the winter, Walking along the sands with only the seagulls for company. Don't get me wrong we need visitors to survive but it is more peaceful during the close season. But we are getting to a season of goodwill toward men CHRISTMAS.Westwood was mobbed when my wife went there yesterday. I don't shop well so stay at home and consider life eternity and all things in between. But I do eat breakfast especially good cooked breakfast. And recently we have discovered Quex Parks Barn in Birchington. It is a cross between a restaurant and a farmers market cum cafe. I know my description sounds odd but so is the Barn. You enter into a veritable feast of goodies fresh fruit and veg home cooked cakes fish meat homemade preserves and for me the Pièce de résistance is the cafe. Now I like to eat and the cooked breakfast is a feast to behold I am not going to describe it I will leave that to you but I urge you to go and see but be there before 10.00 am


  1. Welcome to the world of Thanet blogging. It's not so sunny to day (snow).

  2. been blooming cold and wet but sunny again just in time for the Turner Centre ceromony


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