Monday, 17 November 2008

Promote Thanet

Hi Everyone, I am Don and I am sort of new to the Blogging world. But what I lack in experience I will make up for in stupidity. I am starting this Blog to try and take some of the negativity out of peoples perception of Thanet . Now that sounds like I disagree with everyone, no NOT EVERYONE but no one really goes out of their way to put forward Thanet in a good light. I love this Isle on an Island, I love all that makes Thanet good and I love all that makes it bad. That sounds crazy I know but without the bad you never appreciate the good. I want to make Thanet appealing so people will want to visit and to holiday here. We are in the middle of the beginning of a recession. And I for one am not afraid to use the R word. It is a marvelous opportunity for Us to tell people about our sandy beaches and the quaint shops , our Museums and the Turner centre (yes I do know its not built yet) this wonderful Island has a lot going for it lets write in about events good or not so good. Lets tell others what you enjoy about living here.
I will start off with Saint Paul's church on Northdown Road. I love that place and the work it does with the disadvantaged. I know there are other churches out there each doing their own bit to help people but I can only talk for Saint Paul's because I go there and look after the website. If you want to look at it google it I don't want you thinking I am promoting it from here. The church is open Monday Tuesday and Thursday mornings for tea and coffee pop in everyone is welcome. The reason I started at Saint Paul's was Drug addicts, I wanted to help people with addictions and Saint Paul's seemed to be one of the only places where people battling with addiction were welcomed. So how is talking about addicts promoting Thanet I can hear you ask ? A society is judged by the way it responds to its least fortunate. I don't want people thinking everything in the garden is rosy. Where the church is is in the heart of a regeneration area, loads of bedsits bed and breakfasts and houses of multiple occupation. They house people from many different nations, people who have ended up here for many different reasons.
I said earlier I don't know about this blogging lark but I have promoted Saint Paul's church now I am going to promote Christmas. Or at least the lighting up of Cliftonvilles Christmas tree. November the 29th is the date for your diary be there before the 5.30pm ceremony or you will miss the lights being turned on. And guess where it is yep outside Saint Paul's church.


  1. Like your good self, I also believe there is a lot of good in Thanet. Some people though do not realise the harm they do to the area, by continually slating it in the press and on-line.

  2. Hi Don,

    Welcome to the Thanet Bloggers community! I think I pretty much show Thanet in a positive light via my website & blog (though some might disagree!). Anyway, I've added a link to your blog via the sidebar on my blog. Also, get on the Thanet Blog List, that way more people will be aware of you:

    I look forward to further posts!

    Peter C.

  3. Unlike RVM I don't believe that pretending everything is rosy is going to help Thanet. It'll just brush it all under the carpet. And very soon we'd have a pretty lumpy carpet.

    Like you, though, I do love everything about Thanet, and that includes both the good and the bad.

    Good luck with the blog.

  4. Never apologize about being new to the blogging world...we've all had to start somewhere :-) Taking part in things like Skywatch Friday and My World, will bring you a lot of visitors if that is what you want for your blog. And we all love photos of anything of interest!


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